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NightBuddies - 5" Plush Turtle

NightBuddies - 5" Plush Turtle

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Perfect for bedtime, this sweet turtle plush is sure to be a favorite. Meet Seraphina, the newest member of the NightBuddies family. This soft and sweet turtle is the perfect companion for bedtime. Made with love and attention to detail, Seraphina is a plush that is sure to bring a smile to your child's face.

  • Our NightBuddies are designed to stop the problem at its root. Our toys ease fears and curb nightmares. Here's how:
  • NightBuddies is an award-winning plush nightlight collection with magical eye illumination to help make bedtime calmer and brighter with our toy's soft, light-up eyes.
  • Each caricature combines a child-activated calming light to a plush toy that children can identify as a special item.
  • Child activation helps create self esteem and confidence to be independent in their own bed.
  • NightBuddies provides aid to children everywhere to help give them more anxiety free nights and better sleep.
  • NightBuddies create an emotional connection unlike any other plush toy.
  • Gentle sensory experience provides comfort and companionship.
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