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Cloud B

Cloud b -Love Light Buddies | Billy Bunny Soothing Sound Machine

Cloud b -Love Light Buddies | Billy Bunny Soothing Sound Machine

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The LoveLight™ Buddies offer the sound, touch and visual elements to calm babies and promote peaceful sleep. In addition to the 4 melodies and 4 white noise, the LoveLight™ Buddies have a recording function so parents can leave a sweet message or sing their child's favourite lullaby, and light up with a warm glow that gently pulses.
Thanks to the Shake & Play motion sensor, a simple shake of the plush toy restarts the light, lullabies and the sound message recorded by the parents. LoveLight™ Buddies - Billy Bunny™ can also be hung on the baby's bed, just like a night mobile. The rechargeable monitor and the plush toy can also be used separately: a nomadic night light that can be placed on the dresser in the room and the comforter that will accompany the child.


  • Voice Recording: Record a message for baby.
  • 8 Soothing Sounds: Choose between heartbeat, rain, soft shush, brook or 4 calming lullabies.
  • Adjustable: Settings for brightness and movement create a fully controllable experience for various environments.
  • Auto-Off: 30 min automatic shutoff.
  • Rechargeable: Sound machine can be recharged with a USB-C (cable included).
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