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Cloud B®

Louis The Lion Smart Sensor® Plush Soothing Sound Machine

Louis The Lion Smart Sensor® Plush Soothing Sound Machine


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Cloud b introduces the new Louis The Lion Smart Sensor® - Smart Sensor character to their collection of sleep-inducing sound products best known for the award-winning Sleep Sheep. Just like the newest version Nighty Night Owl™ Smart Sensor, this cute cuddly lion features smart sensor technology to respond when the baby vocalizes.


  • Responds and restarts its soothing sounds when baby vocalizes. Three sound sensitivity levels to adjust the sensor to environmental noise. Restarts from the last melody played at the same sound level last selected
  • Soothes baby to sleep with calming "white noise" sounds (4) and melodies (4)
  • Two sleep-timer options with auto shut-off: 23 and 45 minutes
  • Velcro tab for easy attachment to baby's crib
  • Can be machine washed and dried when soundbox is removed
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