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CloudBox™ - My First Dream Box

CloudBox™ - My First Dream Box

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Cloud Box™ is both an immersive storyteller and a night light which can be used for babies and children, the first dream box! An inclusive and scalable product combining lullabies, white sounds and 36 original stories around 9 cute characters in 2 languages (French and English). Cloud Box™ creates an immersive experience mixing stories, soothing sounds and smooth projections around 4 universes: Ocean, Forest, Space, City. Cloud.Box™ helps to soothe babies by making the bedtime ritual a pleasant and a comforting moment and immerses children into magical worlds by developping their imagination.


  • Scalable and immersive object combining stories, sounds and synchronized light projections - 36 stories - 4 light projections - 8 sounds & 8 lullabies - recording function
  • Stories and Projections: - 36 stories of 9 characters in 2 languages - 4 universes = 4 light projections (Forest, Stars, Sea, City)
  • Songs and Lullabies: - 8 white noises (Jungle day, Brook, Stars-Heartbeat, Stars - Rain, Ocean - Whale, Dolphin, Train, Shush) - 8 melodies: Jungle, Classical Lullaby, Spacey Jazz, Clair de Lune, Hawaï, Dolphin dream, Fairy dance, Rain ballet
  • Recording function : 8 stories per language can be recorded by the parents, the child or family member
  • USB- C rechargeable Headphone plug "On the Go" Toy
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