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Cloud B

Cloud b -Tranquil Turtle | Soothing Projector Nightlight Aqua

Cloud b -Tranquil Turtle | Soothing Projector Nightlight Aqua

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Tranquil Turtle™ - Aqua: The Ultimate Kids Sleep Companion and Nightlight!

 Providing a tranquil ambiance, the Tranquil Turtle™ uses its patented technology to create gentle light waves that fill the room. Mesmerizing and comforting, you can choose from a melodic selection or calming white noise, and adjust the volume to your child's preference. An auto-timer ensures complete darkness and silence after they fall asleep, so they can get the peaceful rest they need.

Tranquil Turtle Features

  • Patented Technology
  • 23 min Sleep Timer
  • 2 sounds
  • Underwater Melody
  • Underwater projections
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