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Squishy Night Light - Mallow Pet Penguin

Squishy Night Light - Mallow Pet Penguin

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Who doesn't love a penguin? This adorable night light in the shape of the prettiest penguin you have ever seen, is here to join the invincible team of Mallow Pets! When turned on, the lights emit a soft warm light that can be switched to an automatic color-changing mode that softly cycles through 8 colors, or the night light maybe set to stay on a single color.

Their unique design and squishy texture makes it fun and intriguing to play with, while their beautiful interchangeable lights create a lovely atmosphere adding an elegant touch to your nursery's decor!

  • How it works: push the power button to start the lamp in warm white mode. First tap will switch lamp to bright white light. Second tap will start slow -changing colors. Third tap will speed up the color changes. Fourth tap will pause the lamp on a color. Continue tapping the lamp to restart the cycle!
  • Eco friendly and high quality non-toxic soft washable silicone + abs material safe for babies and toddlers.
  • The product is designed with low power consumption, and the product doesn’t get hot.
  • Silicon night light with multi-colour led lights automatically cycle between 8 different colours!
  • Silicone part can be detached and is machine washable.
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