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Play Tent - Visit at the Zoo Tent

Play Tent - Visit at the Zoo Tent

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Discover a magical world through the eyes of a child! Decorate your children's rooms with our dreamy teepees and let them create their own independent space!
Our Kampi teepees are the perfect solution for a child's room and they also encourage their imagination and build tiny worlds. Kampi knows how excited children are in their tents as they provide a sense of autonomy turning them into fantastic creators and young explorers!

  • Contains a Mat and a LED lamp
  • Patented holders provide the most secure space in the world
  • Flame-resistant fabrics: By using materials of lining from designer bags, high-quality flame-resistant fabrics are used
  • Digital Printing, the first Indian tent for Infants: The best quality of digital printing makes beautiful Kampi tents
  • We develop original and creative designs along with parents and provide children with new experiences
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