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Portable Night Light- Magic Bunny Blush

Portable Night Light- Magic Bunny Blush

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Want to camp? Go for an idyllic ride in the woods? Spend the night in a remote chalet with the fam? Whatever you choose to do, hook'n'go! Our Magic bunny is here to escort you, wherever you go. Tap once and its on, tap twice and its changing colors, tap thrice and its on pause. Want more? Tap again and the cycle can last up to 12 hours. USB rechargeable, soft and squishy. Just how you like your travel companions. Its easy functions and playful design make it the ultimate travel lamp for the family.


  • On the go LED light companion with easy tap functions.
  • USB rechargeable (no batteries) Micro USB charging cable included
  • On the go LED light that can last up to 12 hours before re-charge is required.
  • Eco friendly and high quality non-toxic soft silicone material safe for babies and toddlers.

TAP FUNCTIONS: Push the power button to start the lamp in warm white mode. First tap will switch lamp to bright white light. Second tap will start slow -changing colors. Third tap will speed up the color changes. Fourth tap will pause the lamp on a color. Continue tapping the lamp to restart the cycle!

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