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Love Light™Buddies - Lily The Unicorn Night Light

Love Light™Buddies - Lily The Unicorn Night Light

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Toddlers have a strong need to be reassured and to feel the warm presence of their caretakers. The new LoveLight™ Buddies were inspired to help fulfill this need. This multisensory product has soothing sounds, calming lights, and a soft touch to help provide this calming effect. In addition to the 4 melodies and 4 white noise, the LoveLight Buddies™ have a recording function so parents can leave a sweet message or sing their child’s favorite lullaby, and light up with a warm glow that gently pulses. An innovation for the well-being of little ones... and the whole family.
  • White noises :
    _Soft Shush

    & Melodies to soothe baby:

    _Bach Lullaby
    _Dolphin Dreams
    _Classical Lullaby
    _Fairy Dance
  • Light glow through the plush: 2 light effects ( steady and pulsed) and 5 colors variation ( blue, green, orange, red and mix of colors)
  • Record a message for baby
  • Can be attached to the crib or the stroller with a removable band
  • 30 minute timer ensures complete darkness during child’s deep sleep,
    as recommended by pediatricians
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