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Rug Family Collection - Peace Area

Rug Family Collection - Peace Area

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4 rugs as Dhurries *, 100% cotton - a design worked in relief (inspired by each person of the family dad, mum, sister and brother) ... as a knitting ... handmade with an embroidered chenille thread - finishing carpets by oversize pompoms resuming colors patterns.

*Dhurrie = Carpets hand-woven according to the manual weaving technique of the Indian Dhurrie

  • The materials used are all natural
  • Carpets hand-woven
  • 100% Cotton and Chenille
  • Tassel finish
  • Each Varanassi carpet is folded and packaged in a cotton case (50 x 30 x 5/7 cm)
  • Size 100x150cm
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