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Cloud Baby Plush Musical Pillow

Cloud Baby Plush Musical Pillow

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Kokoons plushies are soft, cuddly, double-sided musical night lights that help soothe and comfort your baby into a restful night's sleep. press the music note button to play “you are my sunshine” and/or the power button to cycle automatically through the 7 color options. Press the button again to turn off the lights manually or they will shut off automatically after approx. 45 minutes. Three aa batteries included. whether you're at home or travelling, these plushies are sure to light up your life!
  • Soft, cuddly plush with multi-color night light
  • Multi-color LED lights automatically cycle between 7 colors

  • Plays "Rain" Lullaby

  • Easy manual on/off switch or auto shut off (approx. 45 min)

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