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Words are all I got


By @eftihia_mesiskli

The significance of being a mother cannot be put into words. The significance of having a mother, same.

But how can I describe my gratitude if words are all I got? I need to find a way to show you my baby, to show you mom, that I am the happiest individual on the planet. Because I have you. Because your touch brings me one step closer to heaven. Your smile makes me feel special. Your existence validates mine. Your dreams make this world a better place. Your love is a sign from the skies. A sign that no evil can take over. No. Only good. And hope.

No matter how the currencies show us otherwise, motherhood is the ONLY thing that keeps us connected to our purpose. PERFECTION. Motherhood is a gate to the future, a door to the past, the foundation of our present. Beats time, space, mortality.

I mother, son, daughter AM YOU. We are one. We are the ultimate power of this universe.

And if words are all I got to express how fortunate I am, I might as well collect the best ones:



Dear Mom…

Since the day I was small

Till the day I became tall

Since I began understanding things

Till the day I got my own wings

Your love has never fallen short

You have been my only support

I want to hold you tight and hug you

I just want to say thank you.


A Mother...

When you're a child she walks before you

To set an example.

When you're a teenager she walks behind you

To be there should you need her.

When you're an adult she walks beside you

So that as two friends you can enjoy life together.


My Mother Kept A Garden

My Mother kept a garden,

A garden of the heart.

She planted all the good things

That gave my life its start.

She turned me to the sunshine

And encouraged me to dream.

Fostering and nurturing

The seeds of self-esteem.

And when the winds and rain came,

She protected me enough.

But not too much because she knew

I'd need to stand up strong and tough.

Her constant good example

Always taught me right from wrong.

Markers for my pathway

That will last a lifetime long.

I am my Mother's garden.

I am her legacy.

And I hope today she feels the love

Reflected back from me.


The Bond

The bond between a mother and a son is a special one

It remains unchanged by time or distance.

It is the purest love, unconditional and true.

It is understanding of any situation and forgiving of any mistake.


Thank You, Mom

I just want to thank you

For your warm smiles

Your encouragement

Your words of wisdom

That still guide me today

Thanks for everything

Happy Mother’s Day

— C Harding


What Mother Means

Mother is such a simple word.

But to me there’s meaning seldom heard.

For everything I am today

My mother’s love showed me the way.

—Karl Fuchs


Being a Mother

Being a mother means that your heart

Is no longer yours; it wanders

Wherever your children do.


A Mother’s Love

Of all the special joys in life…

A mother’s love and tenderness

Is the greatest of them all.



Here’s wishing you a Mother’s Day

That’s filled with every pleasure,

And a future that’s as happy

As the memories you treasure!

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