Do-Gree Generations  “When I thrive, we all thrive”

“When I thrive, we all thrive”


Life & business coach, entrepreneur, loving wife, mother of Willow, heart inspired. Beautiful. Unique. Nathalie. Her face has a natural glow and so does her soul. She likes to only take the positives out of every situation and share stories about self-love, good energy and the beauty of human psyche. Her IG narratives are somewhat cinematic, whilst her style, communication skills and authenticity make her stand out. A genuine idealist, fighting against the hardcore cynicism that has taken over our minds and bodies. A fighter. And we need more of those.


“Energy can still be felt through a phone”

N.S.: We’ve become such a visual society and have evolved to be very connected and inspired through creativity, which I think is what makes Instagram so incredible. So in order to have impact these days we need to be creative, show beautiful images as a way to engage and inspire... But I feel the most important thing when we are sharing ourselves through a phone and social platform is to think of the intention behind why and what we share and how we communicate about ourselves. If it’s from a place of pretending, hiding or manipulating someone to follow, purchase or connect for our gain I think that’s when inauthenticity arises and when things can feel out of alignment on Social media. Energy can still be felt through a phone after all...


“Behind the beautiful images”

N.S.: I share on social media from a place of education, service and authenticity of who I am and how I can make a difference to someone. I actually love Instagram Lives and Stories for this because it’s a glimpse into the real person, which I think is critical from a place of integrity as well as relationship building. I am committed to not only inspiring people but also sharing that behind the beautiful images -that allowed them to find me to be inspired- there is someone who has had challenges, worked on themselves immensely, learnt significant lessons and has perspective to share and empower others through. That the perceived flawlessness, has been built only through an abundance of flaws.


 “The 3 things that keep me going through a rough day?”

N.S.: Truthfully, I don’t have really rough days, simply because I choose to not view them as that. Our  mindset is everything. However, if there is a day where I’m out of alignment or not in total flow, I will give myself a little bit of a self-love boost; Gratitude, visualization (of everything coming together perfectly in flow), dance party by myself! Do those things daily and you’ll never have a rough day again. Keep the vibes high, always!


“Do I miss pre-motherhood times? Not really”

N.S.: I actually don’t wish I to go back to any specific time, ok well maybe to just before I got pregnant and I was in THE best shape of my life, why does that ALWAYS happen?! However, regardless of abs and firm thighs, the only thing I miss is uninterrupted sleep. But then those sweet morning wake up cuddles make up for it.  And maybe, just maybe, I can convince her to go back to sleep…


“To all the women out there, you are ALREADY perfect”

N.S.: What would I advise young women to do, in a society that wants you to be perfect? Well, simply put, everything in the Universe is already perfect... YOU are already perfect. No amount of searching, conforming, questioning and doubting is going to get you closer to being more perfect than you already are. I feel like so many are desperately searching, when everything they need is already within,  the answers are nowhere else but in your heart. Taking the time to be quiet to ask and then listen (that is the real key) and then following that guidance will lead you to abundant clarity of who you truly are. Your heart will never steer you wrong, it already knows the way, you just need to trust it again.


“I draw my power from an inner knowing”

I’ve always been an evolver; always looking for, or open to receiving my next “more” and have always followed through on that inner voice that tells me where to go for my next level of growth. And so because of that, I’ve accumulated an abundance of experience, perspective and clarity along the way. My commitment to a “glass half full”  life and mindset has allowed me to always fall and fail forward. My life is amazing because I have learned how to make it so from experiencing what I do and don’t want. Coaching truthfully fell in to my lap -although I’ve done it in one way or another for my entire life- when I realized that people were flocking to me because I was simply further down a road that they wanted to go down... and that I could empower, support and guide them to get there because I’d been there before. I draw my power from an inner knowing that I am here to inspire and empower people to find their light by shining my own light. And so I know on a deep soul level that the life I live has the power to impact others, simply by me living my very best life. How beautiful is that; that when I thrive, you thrive and we all thrive.




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