Do-Gree Generations  Interview - Let the kids, be kids!

Interview - Let the kids, be kids!


We go looking for role models among the fanciest of places. When sometimes, if not all the times, they are right next to us. Katy Bilodeau is a loving mother, a hard worker, a realist and a believer of miracles. Yes, those two can go together at times… She shares a lovely portrait of herself and Maina-Rose, our very precious ambassador, and talks to @aroundthecrib about the challenges of motherhood, social media influence and the significance of self-awareness in the definition of “power”.

“Miracles do happen”

K.B: “Maïna-Rose has helped me learn that sky is the limit, that everything is possible.  Having her at the age of 47, made me realize that miracles do happen!  Having a healthy, active and joyful girl like Maïna-Rose, proved everything is possible”.

“How I face the daily challenges”

K.B: “Listening to the needs is the key.  Mine and the others’ around me.  When I am at work -and because I am working at 911- I need to be 100% there and alert!  I always make sure that I have someone trustworthy taking care of Maïna-Rose during that time. When I come back from work, all my attention is focused on my family.  But I am also blessed with older kids, two older girls age 25 and 17 and an older boy 22, which makes life easier for me. Because they always give me a hand.  Generally, it’s very important to listen to your needs as well as theirs.  It works for me so far”.

 “The social networks don’t reflect reality”

K.B: “All the social networks do not reflect reality, and everyone should be aware of that.  You might have the power to share whatever you want; however, we need to be realistic about the fact that everybody projects their good side. And when you know this, you don’t live by it”.

“In a world divided between progressiveness and conservatism, balance is key”

K.B: “The challenge of progressiveness versus conservatism. Hmm, in my opinion, it takes a little bit of both.  I love to keep up with the progress and all the advances while taking into consideration that some things need to stay the way they are.  A healthy balance between everything in life, is simply perfect.

 “What makes a woman powerful? Self-consciousness”

K.B: “Powerful is a very big word.  You are going to be powerful in your own way and only if you listen to yourself.  You’ll be able to realize much more then. You need to move forward with all your plans as long as they match your needs and those of the people around you”.


“Our job as parents”

K.B: “Yes, it is true that the future belongs to the little ones. Maïna-Rose for instance, knows what she wants already!  She just needs to be guided through the right path and that’s where we, as parents, come in.  We’ll keep on guiding her knowing that sky is the limit! Being raised among adults mainly, Maina-Rose is strongly developing her independence.  Our job is to also make sure her “child” heart remains as such! Let the kids be kids!”


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