Do-Gree Generations  Help us raise funds for MAISON MASJID CANADA (M.M.C)!

Help us raise funds for MAISON MASJID CANADA (M.M.C)!

Get 3 Magic Classroom greeting cards for $10 and with every purchase, $1 will be donated to Maison Masjid Canada for the support of families in need!

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"The vulnerable segment of our society does not have the access, or ability to take the same precautions many of us have, They simply don't have the means to stockpile, like you and me.

We must help our local friends and neighbours during this time of need. MAISON MASJID CANADA (MMC) has partnered with other local organizations to put together kits for individuals and families who need them. Together, we're working on providing kids that include hygiene products, sanitation items, and essential food items.

Your small contribution can save a life" 

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