Elliot loves his Cloud_b friends!-READ WHY

Around the Crib is always happy to hear from its loyal customers. Motivates us, makes us want to be better. This time, wonderful mother Jean-Daniel Paquette reviews two of our best-selling items by @cloud_b (cute and cuddly Sleep Sheep and super popular Frankie the fox) and describes her sweetheart’s, Elliot, experience with them. Dive in!

“Twinkle, twinkle little star has become his favorite!”

J.P.: At first, the “mother’s heartbeat” sound was the only thing that would allow Elliot to sleep on his own in his crib by mommy’s bed. Now, “Twinkle, twinkle little star” has become his favorite music. The sound machine notes are soft, the perfect pitch and rhythm.

“As a parent/guardian, my favorite thing about Cloud B products is…”

J.P.: The fact that we can play the same music/sound on repeat from 25 to 45 minutes is awesome. Also, the volume knob allows for an infinite level of adjustment. (which other companies don’t necessarily allow) The Velcro straps allow us to attach the product to virtually anything.

“Flawless customer service”

J.P.: Our interaction with our customer service representative was flawless. The replies to our emails were quick and the explanations where clear and easy to understand. We were taken care of and the issue got resolved quickly.

“Elliot’s two companions…”

J.P.: Elliot loves to play with his to friends. They are soft and their soothing music and sounds help him sleep. They are also his two companions when Elliot goes to bed every night. The Sleep Sheep stays with him at night in his crib while Frankie the Fox comes to play with him in mommy’s bed in the morning.


You can find Sleep Sheep and Frankie the Fox right here: https://aroundthecrib.ca/products/sleep-sheep?_pos=1&_sid=e6e23cc50&_ss=r & https://aroundthecrib.ca/search?type=product&q=frankie%20the%20fox*



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